Monday, February 17, 2014

Layla is 3!

In prep of my daughter's 3rd birthday coming up in March, I crafted this lovely Disney birthday banner to hang inside of our hotel room!

It's not a surprise to her since she's been watching me craft the whole thing, but since I'm hiding it, she will still be surprised.  Her favorite characters included, Doc McStuffins, and Ariel! 

First, I cut out all of the lettering pieces using my Cricut, and pasted them together...

Then added glitter ribbon in Teal and Purple to attach lettering... 

Voila! Easy enough right? 

I think the hardest part is to design it, and getting the measurements accurate!  I printed out the Disney character pics on same card stock as the lettering, DONE!  With just a little imagination, anything is possible!  Keep crafting people, it exercises your mind and always keeps you young at heart!

Can't wait for our Disney weekend!

Nathalie XOXO

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